Children visit Futurepath to have fun and learn.

Every child has his or her unique combination of interests and talents, most of which are yet to be discovered

We continually invest heavily in the equipment, toys, books and materials necessary to enable a wide variety of activities. In this way we can help each child to discover their personal talents, whilst also ensuring their development in the following key areas:

  • positive attitudes and disposition towards their learning;
  • social skills;
  • attention skills and persistence;
  • language and communications;
  • knowledge and understanding of the world;
  • physical development;

Creative Development

Reading & Writing


Personal, social & emotional well-being

Meeting Their Specific Needs

Activities are planned to address the specific developmental needs and interests of the children in each room.

The Room Leader for each room works with the children’s key carers to develop a plan which is displayed in the room for you to see. There will be occasional deviations from the plan, to take advantage of unexpectedly good weather outside for example, but overall this planning process ensures that we have the time and materials available to optimise your child’s development and fun!

Our lovely French lady Emma from La Jolie Ronde comes in once a week to provide fun and exciting French sessions to children whose parents have decided to join the programme.

A unique programme specifically for our young age group of children, with the fun characters of Matou and  Tounette.

Children learn through singing songs and rhymes with puppets and instruments to ensure they engage.

Chefs are encouraged to spend time visiting the children getting them to maybe grate carrot or squeeze an orange or even make some biscuits. 

We have found over the years that the more you involve the children in everyday activities like cooking meals really allows the children to not only enjoy the food more but the whole learning experience of seeing the vegetables in a whole state before being cooked.

Music is an important part of our day. At Futurepath we have connected with Boogie Mites who do a training programme with the children to teach the staff and build their confidence in delivering music. The children love making their instruments and singing the songs which vary dependent on seasons and times they are being sung.

Staff incorporate singing and Rhymes into various play environments which children love.

We also welcome parents in each term to enjoy the children’s singing whether it be Christmas, Easter or Summer.

Nursery staff keep a daily diary for the children in their base room. For children under two this is used to prepare an information sheet for you to take home every day to let you know what they have been doing, what they have eaten, nappy changes and the times that they have slept. For older children it highlights anything interesting that has happened that day for discussion when you collect your child. Each child’s developmental progress is also recorded regularly on a chart for discussion with you and to ensure that over time your child is reaching his or her full potential.

Throughout the nursery and during all activities, the children are encouraged to care for and respect each other and to become increasingly self-reliant as they learn to dress and feed themselves, and to help tidy up after activities. We aim to ensure that both boys and girls grow up confident and caring.

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